Eleven – thirteen

For FLOWERING : 11 hours of day light and 13 hours of darkness is the correct timing applying Light Deprivation.
(At least every educational  hand book about Greenhouse operation says so since 100 years,
it makes sense to use a “golden October” setting then a mid September one.
It leads to an increase in yield, better product and shortens the growing cycle.
Why is this not commonly known: go to history) more

12 and One

For VEGETATIVE GROWTH : plants can be kept in the vegetative stage
by applying one hour of light in the middle of the night in addition to short light days.

Click here for more about the old gas lantern routine.


Why are colossal Light Depro Greenhouses stupid   ?

  • When it is dark, it is dark everywhere in the Greenhouse no options

  • Waste of energy: you have to control the temperature in a huge building, grid mandatory

  • Building permit mostly required

  • Forbiddingly expensive compared with fully equipped “normal” greenhouses locally available

  • A huge eyesore in the landscape, much more than low profile “normal “ greenhouses

Why is the SunGate the better, green alternative  ?

All  timing options:
Used in a greenhouse, single or double row with middle isle, SunGates units can be independently open or closed, option to stagger the harvest  and discretely extend light in only parts of the greenhouse.

Energy savings:
SunGates are completely solar powered -  off grid:

  • Save more energy by temperature controlling only the space around your plants
  • A clear inner cover (not included) allows extreme winter operation.
  • Save water with a moving clear cover

SunGate drives are completely assembled in small boxes, frames are easy put up or dismantled.

The width and height of the SunGate row cover is adjustable via the telescoping Sidearms.
It can grow with the plants. The length is extendable to 24’ with twoSunGates, to 48’ with 3 SunGate drives.
For do it Yourselfers there is the basic package.

Lightweight and compact:
(Two happy customer loaded a complete 40’ SunGate in a Subaru Outback for a long way home)
Mostly aluminum, SunGates can be carried to location for short term, northern Temporary applications away from the grid.