Grobots Little Flower-Forcer!

First self-contained fully-automatic solar-powered light-deprivation grow-system - US patent #5,287,652 -

1997 First ever Bubbles!

High Times Cannabis Cup Amsterdam -
US patent #6,158,591, EU patent #1015118, Canadian patent #2321815

2001 The Xtractor Kit - MAKE YOUR OWN GOLD!

Video instructions plus all special tools
for "hands-on" application of the patented "ICE WATER METHOD"

2005 Grobots Walk-in-Size Flower-Forcer!

First self-contained fully-automatic solar-powered light-deprivation grow-system
for greenhouse or outdoor use!"CLEAN CONSCIENCE - CLEAN ENVIRONMENT" -

2007 Grobots Sungate Pro Mobile System!

Simple, Pre-assembled, Variable Size and Solar



In 1992 Grobots Int’l Inc attempted to reintroduce old Flower-Forcing techniques which are based on regulating sun time exposure as a superior and clean alternative to the use of “High powered indoor lights”, which are in general powered with highly polluting fossil fuels.

We approached a self-proclaimed Grow-Expert, a minor celebrity who to his own admission “deals in information”.    He was freeloading information through an “Ask Ed” column published in a New York Amsterdam industry monthly.  After initially being excited about the method, it seemed to be news to the expert; he had his mind changed and would under no circumstances help publish anything on that subject.  This was in 1992 before the grid collapsed on the North American West Coast and the Enron scam.  In 1999 Ed’s old partner James Goofwin aka Mel Frank (ISBN0-929349-01-6) whines about himself in defense of an intellectual property rip off:

“If you believe that your idea, or writing, or whatever, is being used by other people, think how Mel Frank feels.  Almost every book on Marijuana growing takes information, if not his exact words, from Marijuana Growers Guides.  How does he know?  Because they all repeat mistakes that he made.  Fortunately, he can correct his mistakes in his next book.” – Mel Frank

Wow!  He writes that about himself in 1999, we all can’t wait any longer for his wisdom.  In… a Swiss company brought test results of successful application of the 12 plus 1 method to the attention of the editor of High Times Magazine.  12 plus 1 is duplicating an ancient technique to keep flowers in vegetative growth which was a 1 hour gas lamp in the middle of the night routine in addition to short days.  Applied “indoor” it can instantly save a minimum of 30% on power, in generator applications far more.  The method was not published.

The Guru in charge at the magazine asks in an e-mail to Grobots about inducing flowering with a 12/12 photoperiod outdoors and asks Grobots to send pictures with a Grobot full of cannabis plants… (Yeah right!).

These “experts” could read the old little flower-forcers growing instruction and find out about the successful timing information. 
If it takes a mostly heat producing device 12 hrs to produce results does not meant that the power of real sunlight would not produce a much better result in less time.

As one old-time Grower from Mendocino expressed it: “If those guys would ever wake up and wanted to make up for the footprint they are responsible for, they would have to give up all their money and drastically reduce exhaling.

Is it ignorance or deliberate consumer misinformation?